Largo Adelino Amaro da Costa 8, 2º esq. 1100-006 Lisboa Portugal
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Lisbon based architecture office responsible for both private and public buildings such as an hotel, schools, apartment buildings, exhibition design and a museum. The work has been featured in several international magazines and has been presented in lectures in Europe, Canada, China, Japan, Israel, Mexico and Latin America.

The work has been presented also in international exhibitions, such as “OVERLAPPPINGS. Six Portuguese Architecture Studios” in the Royal Institute of British Architects in London (2009); "Portugal Convida" in the FAD, Barcelona (2010); “Tradition is Innovation” in Ozone Design Center in Tokyo (2011); “Lisbon Ground” in the Venice Architecture Biennale (2012), “A Room for Mexico City” in Liga, Mexico City (2013) and “Haus Wittgenstein, Art, Architecture & Philosophy” at MAAT Museum, Lisbon (2018). 

Ricardo Carvalho
1995 Architect by the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, Portugal
1996 Thyssen Architecture Prize (3rd Prize)
1999/ 2017 Established RCJV Architects
2005/ 2008 Editor in Chief of JA Jornal Arquitectos magazine
since 2005 Professor at the Department of Architecture of Autónoma University of Lisbon, Portugal
2009 Curator of the exhibition “Portugal Outside Portugal”, Aedes am Pfefferberg Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009/ 2013 Professor at Architektur Studium Generale International Master at BTU Cottbus, Germany
2012 PhD in Architecture, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal 
2013 Visiting Professor at Navarra University, Pamplona, Spain
since 2013 Dean of the Department of Architecture, Autónoma University of Lisbon
2015 Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe European Union Architecture Prize.
2016/ 2017 Visiting Professor at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
2016 Publishes the book “The Social City”, Tinta-da-China, Portugal. 
2017 Professor at the summer school wave, IUAV Venice, Italy
2017 Co-Curator of the exhibition “Power/ Architecture”, Casa da Arquitectura, Matosinhos, Portugal
2018 Established Ricardo Carvalho Architects & Associates
2020 Nominated for the Swiss Architectural Award 2019-2020
2020 Professor of the post-graduation course “Geografia, Cidade e Arquitectura”, Escola da Cidade, S. Paulo, Brazil. 
2021 Nominated for the Mies van der Rohe European Union Architecture Prize 2022.
2021 Publishes the book “Work Situation Process”, A+A Books, Portugal.

Ricardo Carvalho was guest critic in several universities such as Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Switzerland, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, Navarra University, Spain, IUAV Venice, Italy, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, Belgium, TUT Tallinn, Estonia among others. Ricardo Carvalho regularly writes for international publications and has curated various architectural exhibitions.

2020-2023 M OR12: 2 Housing Blocks. Lisbon, Portugal (competition 1st prize, in progress) ︎
2020-2021 BS Artist studio, Lisbon, Portugal (under construction)
2020-2021 ZN House Refurbishment, Cascais, Portugal (in progress)
2019-2022 Summer Pavilion and House Refurbishment, Praia da Luz, Portugal (in progress)
2019-2021 BC06 Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal (under construction)
2019-2020 ICR Garden Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal ︎
2018-2021 SP.PP Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal (under construction)
2018-2022 AS.JK House, Monte Estoril, Portugal (in progress)
2018-2019 MM Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal ︎
2018 Tautological Book, MAAT Museum, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ (video︎)
2018 Bishop shelve, A+A, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ 
2017-2019 Loft NHC, Lisbon, Portugal ︎
2016-2021 MdA Apartment building, Lisbon, Portugal (in progress)
2016 Reception Building, Portugal dos Pequenitos Park, Coimbra, Portugal (competition) ︎ *
2016 Elias Garcia Apartment building, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2016 Exhibition Design Approaches, ANA Museum, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2015-2016 LA.AC Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ 
2015 SP.PP House, Oeiras, Portugal ︎
2015 Exhibition Process / An-Architecture BES Art Gallery Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2014-2019 Ribeira 11 Apartment building Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2013-2014 Exhibition Design Treaty of the Eyes Júlio Pomar Museum, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2013 Factory Conversion, Guimarães, Portugal (competition) ︎ *
2013 Exhibition Design A Room for Mexico City, LIGA, Mexico City ︎ * 
2012 Helsinki Public Library, Helsinki, Finland (competition) ︎ *
2011 Exhibition Design EDP Young Artists, EDP Museum, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2011 Exhibition Design Edgar Martins The Time Machine, EDP Museum, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2011 Exhibition Design AICA 30 Years of Art Prize, MNAC, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2011 Exhibition Design AICA 30 Years of Architecture Prize, SNBA, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2010 House in Luanda, Luanda, Angola (competition/ shortlist) ︎ *
2010 Documentation Center, Lisbon Port Authority, Portugal (competition, 2nd prize) ︎ *
2009-2013 Lima de Freitas School, Setúbal, Portugal ︎ *
2008-2010 Sebastião da Gama School, Setúbal, Portugal ︎ *
2008-2009/ 2016 MUDE Design and Fashion Museum (temporary installation) Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2007-2008 MV Lawyers Office, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2007 CIUC, Information Center, Cascais, Portugal (competition, 2nd prize) ︎ *
2006-2007 NovaForum facilities, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2005 Mix Use Building, Viseu, Portugal ︎ **
2004-2005 Bar Left Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2004 House 36 Vila Utopia, Carnaxide, Portugal ︎ *
2004 House 37 Vila Utopia, Carnaxide, Portugal ︎ *
2004 House 38 Vila Utopia, Carnaxide, Portugal ︎ *
2003 Ordem dos Arquitectos/ Institute of Architects, Faro, Portugal (competition, 4th prize) *
2003 Exhibition Ruy Jervis Athouguia Architect, Galveias Palace Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2002-2003 LA.ST Apartment, Lisbon, Portugal ︎ *
2001-2012 Hotel in Douro Vinneyards, Sabrosa, Portugal ︎ *
2000 IST Student Housing, Oeiras, Portugal (competition, 2nd prize) *
1998-1999 Exhibition Design for Secil Architectural Prize, Ordem dos Arquitectos, Lisbon ***
1998 Exhibition Design for the Architectural Competition for the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin, MNE, Lisbon, Portugal ***
1996-1997 Psychiatry Office, Lisbon, Portugal ***
1996 Inn, Várzea de Sintra, Portugal ︎
1996 National Coach Museum and Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Lisbon, Portugal (competition, 3rd prize)

* co-authorship rcjv   ** co-authorship rcjv/ jgm  *** co-authorship rc/ pv 
2019. Ideias de Intimidade, Note Galley, Lisbon, Portugal.
2018 Haus Wittgenstein, Art, Architecture, Philosophy, MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal.
2014 Process An-Architecture Space and Images, BES Arte, Lisbon, Portugal (with Daniel Malhão).
2013 A Room for Mexico City, Liga, Mexico City, Mexico.
2013 Tradition is Innovation, Mimesis Art Museum, Paju Book, South Korea.
2013 Lisbon Ground, Portuguese Representation 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, Garagem Sul, CCB, Lisbon, Portugal.
2012 Lisbon Ground, Portuguese Representation 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, Italy.
2012 Tradition is Innovation, Institute of Portuguese Architects, Lisbon, Portugal.
2011 Tradition is Innovation, 9th S. Paulo Architecture Biennale, Brazil.
2011 Tradition is Innovation, Ozone Living Design Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2011 OVERLAPPINGS. Six Portuguese Architecture Studios, EDP Museum Lisbon, Portugal.
2011 OVERLAPPINGS. Six Portuguese Architecture Studios, Casabella Lab, Milan, Italy.
2011 Portugal com Vida. 4 Architecture Studios, FAD, Barcelona, Spain.
2011 House In Luanda. Patio and Pavillion, Lisbon Architecture Trienale, EDP Museum Portugal.
2010 OVERLAPPINGS. Six Portuguese Architecture Studios, COAC, Barcelona, Spain.
2009 OVERLAPPINGS. Six Portuguese Architecture Studios, RIBA, Royal Institute of British Architects. London, UK.